Craps Online

Craps is a game of numbers. Many gambling and casino style games are all about the numbers, and craps is one of them.

Craps Basic Strategy

In the offline casino, craps is played at a table where you will find a crowd usually is going to gather when a player is on a roll, winning and getting the numbers he or she needs to gather up that jackpot! Craps is a game that you can win with each roll, or in a line of successive numbers.

Craps is a highly participating game, meaning you must pay attention, throw the dice, make the bets, and collect your money. It is easy to be caught up in the action when you win. If you have never played craps before, you will find that the game itself is very easy.

Craps is a game of dice. The game is played with two dice.

best craps online ukOne each dice, there are the numbers from one to six, the numbers when rolled, can give you up to thirty six different combinations. So how do you win? You win when different combinations of the dice are rolled when you ‘want them’ or in a ‘succession’.

By looking at this chart, you can see how the numbers can be rolled, and what the outcomes are going to be when the dice are rolled.

The numbers 2, 3, 11, and 12 are the numbers that are less often going to come up. When these numbers are rolled, you will not collect the winnings, you lose.

The game itself is based on the numbers that are going to appear most often. If you roll a six or a seven, you are going to win most often, because there are ‘so many’ ways that the numbers six or seven can be rolled.

  1. What are the basic rules of rolling the dice? When you toss the dice, you are known as the shooter. You want to roll a seven or an eleven on many boards, but check the rules of the casino where you are playing just to make sure.
  2. How do you win? You win by rolling a seven or an eleven.
  3. How do you lose? You lose by rolling a two, three or twelve.
  4. What else can you do when playing craps? If you roll a four, five, six, eight, nine, or ten you have to roll that exact same number again in order to win, even if it is rolled by making a different combination of numbers.

Insider Secret – Craps

Craps is a numbers game, all about progression.

When you are placing a bet on craps, you will find that the numbers are laid out on the board, with the numbers five, six, eight, and nine often on the outside of the board. These are the most popular numbers that you can roll with any roll of the dice.

Betting on the number five, six, eight, and nine, you are going to win money more often and more of it too!

Out of the rolls that can happen when you are playing craps, you will find that you can win twenty-four of the thirty six different ways that the dice are going to land, so you are more likely to win more often!

Minimizing your possible losses on any bets, even if it is a small amount bet gives you the best over all chances of winning more often so you can build up your bank with the big bucks!