Blackjack Online

Blackjack is a game of numbers, and as with many games of numbers, you can count cards, play the cards you have, or just play what you feel lucky with. Black jack is a card game, using the numbers of the cards, and the face cards to get to twenty-one without going over that twenty-one mark.

BlackJack Online Basic Strategy

If you get to twenty-one without going over, you win. If you go over, you bust. If the dealer (or the computer) gets closer to or gets twenty-one and you are lower, you lose and the computer or the dealer wins. As with all games there are chances in gambling, and the odds of getting twenty one with certain sets of cards or numbers are better with some numbers than they are with other sets of numbers (or cards).

Every game of black jack is going to be different from the next, based on the number of decks that is being used in the game. Online gambling casinos, and offline in the gambling casinos, you will find that one, two or even up to six decks can be used in any game of black jack. It is difficult to count cards there is more than one deck of cards being used in a game.

What do you really want when playing a game of black jack?

online blackjack real moneyYou want to reach a combination of twenty-one or as close a twenty one as you can get, without a combination of over twenty one in your hand.

What becomes most difficult in this game is when you have seventeen, eighteen, or even nineteen and the dealer has a hand that is very similar to yours. You will lose your bet if you do not make a choice in standing, or going for the big jackpot!

If you have never played black jack before you can find many types of free games online in the casinos where you can easily learn the game without losing money while you learn.

Insider Secret – Black Jack

The game of black jack is often a fast one when you are in the casino and you are surrounded by others at the table. The black jack game will seem to fly by before you are able to think about what your cards add up to, let alone think about a strategy.

Playing black jack at the casino online, you are often timed, but the time allowance is going to be such that you have more time to think about how you want to play, what your cards add up to, and what the dealers cards could possibly add up to.

There are casinos online that you do not have to be in much as hurry. The game can be a very long one if you are always waiting until the very last second to hit the send button and place your play.

While it may seem obvious to some, the secret in playing black jack is to always realize how many cards, or just the types of cards that you need in order to get twenty one without going over.

Memorize or at least become very aware of the different arrangements that you could need from the situations of sixteen and on. If the dealer is in a worse number game than you are, you might not want to get a card on when you have a sixteen, because they are more likely to bust.

The secret in playing black jack is to learn to count your cards fast, to learn what you need fast, and to realize quickly what the dealer needs to win. The faster you are in playing this game, the better you are going to be able to go with your gut instinct for a big payout win.